What Exactly Is This Program?

This is a group coaching program. Each month I hold a 2 hour live coaching session for all members to participate in. Each session is recorded and available to all members.  Additionally I provide a private, member only Facebook group for members to interact and ask questions as it related to getting more referrals in their respective business.  Additionally, access is provided to my online course as an active member. This course contains quite a few videos to help you understand the process of getting more referrals.


Am I going to get referrals from others in this group?

Unlikely, but certainly possible.  This membership group is NOT for selling your services. It's for understanding how to better interact with your contacts so that you get more referrals in your business. Because there is a community, if you build relationships with others, then it is possible, but I would encourage you to not expect that.


What industries are you looking to have in your program?

The program isn't industry specific at this time, however it is focused on one primary thing, referrals. There are many components to referrals and we talk about many of those. On the monthly group calls, we will discuss specific industries as it relates to the person whom I'm coaching at that time. Additionally, it's important to note that while the players in the industries may change, the concepts and strategies remain the same and can be implemented across most industries.


Why don’t you give a free trial of the service?

The content I provide is worth well over $1000. However I believe that it's important to reach as many business owners as possible. This program is for that. I don't believe that the monthly price is too much to ask, and most people indicate that it is a "no brainer". For that reason, I don't offer a free trial, or refunds.  I believe strongly that the value is there. 


What is the main purpose of this program?

To educate members on how to create better relationships with contacts so that they get more word of mouth referrals in their respective businesses.


What if I sign up and cancel in the middle of the month?

I would certainly not want to see that happen, however that is your right. Should you cancel, access to the site would be removed and no refunds will be made. I would encourage you to stay through the month that you paid for, at a minimum. Be sure to take advantage of all the offerings I have for you to interact with me and others so you get full value.