The only marketing system you need

If you're tired of pouring money into advertising and marketing programs that take up over 60% of your time but don't deliver results, it may be time to get back to basics.  While the process of getting back to the basics is straightforward, it is not easily done alone. The Referral Membership program focuses on embracing and implementing simple principles.




Why Matt Ward?

Now your small business can take advantage of high-end coaching content in an affordable, convenient online offering. Matt combines online coaching calls and the benefit of a supportive learning environment to help you achieve profitable and stable customer relationships.

What We Do

If you’re a service-based business professional or sales professional looking for more referrals, so that you never have to ask for them again, this group coaching and membership program is for you. During our monthly coaching sessions, we collaboratively solve the challenges of creating raving fans and lifelong customers by establishing you as someone who is constantly on your contact's mind. This creates continued loyalty from your contacts and results in more word of mouth referrals.

What We Don't Do

If you're looking for a course on how to ask for more referrals, this program is not for you.  We focus on relationships that serve you over time, using referral sources, not clients to generate more word of mouth referrals.  During our time together we won’t talk about “prospecting”, “negotiating”, or “closing” the sale, that’s for the sales consultants out there. Our goal is to position you to receive as many referrals as possible in your service-based business. Note: This is not a group where you get referrals from other members. 

What you get as a member


Online Course

Access to my online course with over 50 modules. This course would normally sell for $2000, but it’s included with the membership.

Group Calls

Each month we hold a 2-hour group coaching session with live educational content and referral coaching. All calls are recorded.

Exclusive FB group

This Members only Facebook Group has been created to facilitate learning for our members and their needs around referrals.

Ask questions

Questions are always encouraged, both on our live monthly coaching calls, in our active Facebook group, and via email directly to Matt.

What clients say